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Innovative Month-End Solutions

With our fully-automated reporting engine, it’s no wonder why auto dealerships across Canada love us. Turn your monthly financial statements into critical performance analytics that email themselves to the right people in just minutes.

No manual data sourcing and compiling. No building and maintaining your own report templates for each department. No manual emailing of reports to each of their intended users. Just 3 clicks and a quick coffee break while it loads, and everything is done for you.

It’s not a DMS. It’s not magic. It’s Finex.

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Eclipse Pillar


Forecasting: Quicker & Easier Than Ever

Eclipse works with Finex to pick up your financial statement history in minutes, and together with built-in industry standards and data relationships, Eclipse generates a highly intelligent forecasting starting point for you to start from.

From there, managers can easily make adjustments and run scenarios while Eclipse records your work and balances your changes across the budget as you work. Eclipse provides a robust set of working tools while remaining simple and easy for any user to navigate – which means less time and effort doing budgeting, and better engagement levels from your team.

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Reasons you’ll love us:

Let us take care of the details, so you can take care of your bottom line. Ready to see our solutions in action? Let’s book 30 minutes to give you a virtual tour.